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Meet Bob Tinn

National Winner of the Dallas Cowboys Fan Cave Tournament

What started as a gift from my children, eventually turned into a passion with a unique and rare collection of Dallas Cowboys memorabilia.  This led to the creation of my own sports fan cave.  I took inspiration from meeting various Dallas Cowboys players, both current and former, and learning their life stories.  One of the most impactful questions to former players of the Tom Landry’s era was “what was it like to be coached by Coach Landry”.  To see his legacy through their eyes - words cannot describe how much of an impact he had on their lives.  My collection focuses on collecting and displaying those players inducted into the Ring of Honor.  I have other signed jerseys in my closet waiting for these players to be inducted, at which time these jerseys will be displayed.  


Most of all, the pleasure, fun, and memories I have experienced and enjoyed with my family remains priceless and my passion and collection will someday leave a legacy.  

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